About Boy Blunder

Inspirational. Creative. Daring. Courageous. Smart. Talented. Highly-skilled. Humorous. Charming. Good looking. Wise beyond his years. A great role model. In contention to win the Nobel peace prize. 

These are all words never used to describe Boy Blunder.

Do you ever want to approach a love interest but come across as a creepy stalker instead? Boy Blunder understands. Perhaps you’ve bragged to your mates about a new car you’re about to buy, only the credit fell through at the last minute? Boy Blunder understands.  Ever rush to get to the toilet but shit yourself as you lock the door? Boy Blunder understands. Have you ever tried so hard but failed even harder? Boy Blunder really understands. 

You see, Boy Blunder isn’t just one person – Boy Blunder is a habit, a way of life, an example. Boy Blunder is being able to share an opinion without being judged or put down. Boy Blunder is the freedom of speech, sticking it to the man. We are all Boy Blunder from time to time. Boy Blunder is more a movement. But really there is only one Boy Blunder, and that’s me. Does that clear things up?

The real man behind the mask? A father, husband, son, brother. Someone who relaxes by screaming at the football, listens to Radiohead when he’s feeling too happy, and runs when feeling tired. 

Ultimately, Boy Blunder is about doing the wrong thing the right way. 

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